Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Scrooge McDuck

So I'm Scrooge McDuck! A geedy evil capitalist, not hardly. I'm just a working girl (watch it!) trying to pay my rent and help get my kids through college. Sometimes I have to give up certain things so I can have other things and often that's really difficult, but my actions have taught me the life lessons of value and respect for what I have and what I've earned.

I'm become increasingly concerned about the US dollar. The only time my dollar looks good right now is when compared to almost the rest of the world. Nearly all the foreign markets are in the tank. I'm still trying to figure out what a mess everything has become but there is one thing I do know. The value of the dollar is down 26% since just 2006, but has decline in value by 97% since 1913, I find that staggering. What happened in 1913?
The creation of the Fed. HMMMMM!

In 1971 President Nixon decided not to base our money on the gold standard. Why? Why not! We're good for it right! This is America! Good going there Dick! Today gold has doubled in value and is projected to reach new heights. Forty years ago an ounce of silver bought four gallons of gas, today it does exactly the same, not bad!

Ammo has also increased in value, but is this because of supply and demand? Look, not everyone wants to shoot up a Supermall! I think people are fearing that their civil liberties might be at stake. I became an NRA member for this very reason. I have always believed in the second amendment. I have the right to bare arms, that does not mean I'm wearing short sleeves, that means I have the right to protect what's mine, to defend myself and my way of life from threats both foreign or domestic and so do you! The surest way to a controlled society is one that is defenseless.

What am I saying? Has not Nazi Germany come to America? NO! I'm saying the principles and the foundations on which this country is based are being misplaced. So find them! Yes, things change, things always evolve and they should. One only has to look at the law of thermal dynamics to know that motion is "good", things that aren't moving "bad"(look it up kiddies). I don't think that we are on the right track. Compassion is good when there is real intent behind it but don't give up your choices so that you can have what someone wants to give you.

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