Monday, March 15, 2010

So Do I

So it's been awhile, I know! Sometimes a person just needs a little time to themselves, not really doing much but taking care of business at hand. You know, paying the bills, going to work, making those all important calls, but mostly taking care of loved ones and their needs. Sometimes those things can make life drudgery, but mainly it's what life is all about. Sometimes you feel so stuck! Sometimes five people need you all at once and yet you can't help the feeling that you are all alone, ironic!
Then out of nowhere there's a connection, just a little one, but it's enough to make the world comes alive again. Sounds seem clearer, colors seem brighter, dreams and their possibilties seem obtainable. Someone gets you, someone is like you, someone has the same nickname or sings the same song, someone mirrors your thoughts, your actions, and ideas. The very ideas you've been kicking around in your head telling yourself that it's crazy, dosen't matter, or just plain wrong thinking, and suddenly, realized in the expression of another it's brilliant!

You hear yourself saying, "Hey so do I, SO DO I" ME TOO!

Somewhere out there that person is waiting for you!