Saturday, August 15, 2009


Has there ever been just straight forward politics? Does anyone play fair? Say what they mean, do what they say. This is not a game. Legislation gets past that effects peoples lives. No one has all the answers for everyone, but we can at least just tell the truth and stick to our principles.

Look, has the government ever really told you the absolute truth?... Dramatic pause placement here for those of you who need to think about it...Why then do so many people want to depend on the government? The bigger it gets, the more expectations you have, the more you get lied to, the more interruption, intrusion, and disappointment you experience in your own life... and yes it's yours.

Do you know the sole purpose of the government, of these United States of America, and the adaptation of the US Constitution? Recognizing that every country needs law and order, otherwise there is chaos and anarchy, our founding fathers carefully designed these entities and its documents to structure the power of government so that it would not encroach upon its own people.

So, you voted these people in. You thought they cared. Nobody has really talked earnestly to you the way that they do. They can identify with you and offer you help and you can turn to the other members of your home, family, neighborhood and say, "They really get me"!

Who doesn't want to be understood? I know I do. Yes, there are some people out there that truly need a hand. I believe in hope, and when things are finally transparent as promised, I hope you will never say, "They really got me"!

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