Saturday, August 29, 2009

Responding to what I read on by XerXes

This is a true story...

When I was in the third grade it became very apparent that I was having trouble spelling. My third grade teacher was a big fan of spelling bees and would divide the class into two teams. I wanted so badly to be absent on those days! It was particularly frustrating to me because no one wanted me on their side. I would go home from school utterly humiliated.

The words we were to spell were put in a bag and drawn by the teacher. I would get so mad because I felt I had really bad luck! I could spell everyone else's word, but when it was my turn I would get something incredibly difficult that I was not familiar with, nor would probably ever use in the third grade.

One day I had a breakthrough, as usual all the words were put in a bag to be drawn, and I listened and spelled every single word silently to myself, and I might add, correctly. Everyone was getting fairly easy words or at least ones I was confident spelling. Then It was my turn, I think I saw my teachers face fall a little just before he read the word out loud. In fact Mr. Martinson instructed me before he announced the word to take as much time as I needed and to sound it out. He was aware that I was struggling and that the luck of the draw had never been on my side. He also knew that I was highly scrutinized by my classmates and subjected to some harsh criticism. With his sincere encouragement I successfully spelled the word that helped my team to victory! My word was... OBJECTION. It's with a certain irony that I will tell you I will never forget how to spell this word!

Yes Obama is my president and I do respect the rules! I have a voice and an opinion and using it is very very American! You can be sure that the democratic process still works because come election time 2012 we will vote him out, regardless of all the gerrymandering that Rahm Emanuel has done to ensure certain politicians their constituents. I will not stand by and watch my country and the documents which it was founded on be disregarded.

I don't object to Obama, I object to what he is doing and who he is surrounding himself with. I object to the articles of control that are in the house and the senate, such as health care reform and cap and trade. I object to funding of the smart grid, climate change, cash for clunkers and I'm pro green! I am pro green the way my grandparents were, and their ideals of using what you have, reuse what you can, and to be responsible and respectful of the land and of all you see. Now environmental awareness has given way to a movement full of regulation and taxes for all. How is that going to help anyone! This somewhat reminds me of the Stamp Act of 1765 invoked by King George and British Parliament. Do you really need a history lesson?

I object to the formation of a civil national security force! See how well that worked out for Mussolini. I object to what the FCC is trying to do, stifle freedom of speech! And the idea of taking over the Internet in case of an emergency? Ridiculous! People have the right to speak in any form! I have the right to object and I do so in a peaceful manner but my voice will be heard!

I have to tell you that even though I did not vote for Obama I was excited to see him elected to office. I thought finally we have gotten past discrimination proving that equality does exist among men. I think many people felt the way I did. I also think many people that did vote for Obama, due to his policies and the decisions he is making to lead our country, have now changed their minds and hope that the American way of life will prevail. So you see...I'm staying!

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