Wednesday, September 2, 2009

You can put lipstick on a pig

Diane Watson what exactly are you saying?! Why would you praise a communist regime? If Cuba is so wonderful why aren't people flocking to it's shores, risking their lives to get there! I think what you mistook for bright was probably the obscure charisma of the criminally insane. People in leadership roles often have this trait. If you can't hold your audience captive then you can't hold your people hostage. Thousands have died by the hands of "bright" leaders. People forced into submission or killed by their own government.

Rush Limbaugh should not have said he wanted Obama to fail. There was just too many chances for the left to get what he meant wrong, just like you did. If Obama would implement valid political structure and policies that would protect the freedoms of the citizens of this great country; to live and prosper as they see fit; with little intrusion from the government, he would want Obama to succeed. It was just too easy for you to twist his statement into some rhetoric that would suit your purpose. How come you pulled the racist card out? I don't believe that Rush is a racist and neither am I. "The first president that looks like me"! To quote Obama "You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig"! Was Obama talking about Sarah Palin, when he said that? Some would disagree with me but I say No! He was referring to the republican plan, so what do you think I'm referring to now? A direct insult on you and who you resemble (taking your lead there) or a communist bay of pigs?! IT STINKS


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  2. Great blog - and I'll be checking in regularly.

  3. Great points here and your new blog too! I think that Watson did nothing more than betray the true agenda that a lot of these folks actually have - she was just honest about it. Follow my blog too!