Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hey teacher leave those kids alone!

Presidents have been going into our classrooms for a while now. I have always thought that promoting patriotism to all ages was the good deed of a caring role model. I have changed my opinion now that I have seen that this act can be used as a stepping stone to promote a political agenda to the young. George W. Bush was criticized for this during his term as president.

If Obama or any other president wants to go into the classroom and tell our children to study hard and stay in school then I am supportive of that. I would tell my children to listen well and be hopeful. But what will he say, what message will he deliver? When you study his past and read his own words at first one might be inspired by the challenges he faced to eventually become the leader of the free world. But looking closer at the personal history of this president unveils an undercurrent of dissatisfaction with America(and that is putting it kindly) He seeks to change America and demands a social rebirth. The main goal of the only full time job this man has ever held was the destruction of the American system as an instructor of the Alinsky method for ACORN.
You don't have to read his books to know who Barack Obama is. Looking at people who he has associated with and who have shaped his career now and in the past should be evidence enough to know what he stands for. Look at his appointed officials, the books they've written, the words they speak. Barack Obama himself told us truthfully that we would know him by the people he associates with. I have to tell you that I do not want those people associating with my children!
I am not a fear monger! I think it is responsible as parents to know what is being said to our children. I'm not saying that the president should be banned from the classroom. Couldn't that just help promote the wrongful argument of liberals against conservatives, that we are all hate mongers, incapable of rational thought and open minds. I'm saying that we can be involved with our children pertaining to what they are hearing, and learning in the classroom.
If Obama's address to the children is to promote his totalitarian ideals, even though it all sounds so nice and respectful at times, he is not doing anyone a service. Those are our children, not the states, and I do not accept the idea of an Obama Youth program! The most important life lessons and values should be taught from parents. If you feel you need to take your child out of school on September Eight it's your prerogative as a parent to do so, as would have been my first instinct when my children were very young. This is actually an opportunity to see first hand what is being taught.
You've seen this video before. The teacher said "It was okay to vote for John McCain" but was she really saying that? Watch again! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but don't let teachers or anyone else influence your children. You must define what is right for your child. Sister Mary Elephant could do a better job!

I've seen children's book about Obama. I have not seen one about the constitution, have you? If you have let me know otherwise I think I have found a new project.

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  1. The children's books about Obama are creepy too. As are his TWO memoirs. I agree, a children's book about the constitution is a great idea. I would buy it and read it to my kids.