Friday, September 11, 2009

The day I fell

The day I fell I stood tall and proud in the late summer sky, bright and blue with the hope of prosperity,
Liberty kept safe within me.
Until I watched my brother fall, taking with him the cries of the innocent and the chants of an anger foreign to me. My steel buckled in peril.
I lay, and all that I held, on the ground. And in the air became the sweeping dust, covering the design of all Gods glory. Still music played,
The sound of a hundred birds called out fallen from the branch, Resonance of the brave lost.
Yet, out of tears from a western sunset brought the loyal to silence the cheers of a bitter east.
Now, to stand in my stead the love, unity, and courage of mankind.
The day I fell became the day they rose, deep with the strength of why I stood.

Carolyn Dawson

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